--- Die Quelle für den Fehler, auf dem der Counterpunch-Artikel zum "Morgen-Dinner" Buhs basiert, ist inzwischen gefunden, wie Felix Stalder auf der Mailingliste nettime aufzeigt: The source here is a Washington Post article detailing the president's travel. Problem with this article, on the last line, there's a typo, it says the plane landed at 5 AM, where it should read 5 PM. It's evidently a typo, since the plane leaves Washington DC at 10:45 PM (EST), it takes a bit more than 10 hours to fly and the time difference is 8 hours. You do the math. It's embarassing for the WP not to have caught this, but even more for all the conspiracy types to base their theories on such obvious typo. Verschwörungstypen, tsts: Mathias Bröckers hat die falsche Interpretation Madsens auch in Telepolis -- inzwischen aber mit einem Korrekturvermerk am Anfang.