Falkenbuch in der Kritik

--- Der Economist lässt kaum ein gutes Haar am neuen Buch der beiden neokonservativen Richard Perle und David Frum (An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror): Mr Perle and Mr Frum want America (take that breath) to: reorganise the State Department (and the CIA, and the FBI, and the Pentagon); get tough with Saudi Arabia (perhaps by encouraging secession by the Shias of the oil-rich Eastern Province); help Iranians to overthrow their government; make Syria quit Lebanon (and reform its own economy and politics); impose a blockade of North Korea (and prepare a pre-emptive strike on its nuclear plants); revise the UN charter to make “pre-emption” easier; block France's ambition to make the EU a counter to America; campaign for the emancipation of Muslim women; and much, much else besides. Ambition is no sin in a book. Nor, heaven knows, is brevity. But a book of fewer than 300 pages that proposes to reorder so much of both the American system and the wider world is bound to skimp on detail.