Under Fire: Zur Repräsentation bewaffneter Konflikte

--- Under Fire ist ein einjähriges Projekt, das sich der Analyse der Organisation und Repräsentation gegenwärtiger bewaffneter Konflikte verschrieben hat Auf der Mailingliste nettime schreibt Initiator Jordan Crandall bereits über die Dehnung der Wahrheit im Krieg in Zeiten von Photoshop und Co: A new quality of accuracy arises out of a resurgent form of witnessing, preoccupied with the vicissitudes of the fallible human and the logistics of the handheld. With its sense of unfiltered credibility, streamed video serves as a form of semiotic compensation for a landscape that has been colonized by standardized media formats. One might call it transmission verite, where the hidden substrata of the technology are reintroduced as part of the content of the image, and a raw immediacy appears to open up a direct access to the real. The reality of representation is substituted for the representation of reality. That is, "authenticity" arises less from the authentic representation of reality per se, and more from the authenticity of the means by which reality is portrayed. Whether "unmanned" or "embedded," we could say that we are witnessing the relocation of vision to a space outside of the body -- whether into a network or a networked "smart image," or into a simulation of newly embodied presence through the scrim of the media construct.