USA: die superböse Weltmacht

--- Die New York Times bespricht sechs Bücher auf einen Streich, die sich mit dem Image der USA als "superböse Weltmacht" ("superbad power") unter Bush nach dem Irak-Krieg befassen. Zu den Publikationen gehören Bände wie America Unbound von den Brookings-Analysten Ivo Daalder und James Lindsay genauso wie George Soros' Abrechnung mit der Bubble of America's Supremacy oder Tariq Alis Kritik an der Rekolonialisierung des Irak. Aus dem Kommentar der Times: For the time being, the new American order has generated a tsunami of anti-Americanism, with the United States perceived in some quarters as a greater threat to world peace than Al Qaeda. Deep fissures have developed between the United States and its allies; American policies have threatened to undermine Europe's drive toward unity; Muslims around the globe have turned against the United States; many leaders in Asia now look to China for their economic and political security; and Americans themselves have become polarized in their attitude toward the rest of the world. The ''war on terrorism'' has gotten mired in an anarchic Iraq; Guantanamo has come to represent a willful violation of civil rights; and tyrants have seized on the concept of pre-emptive war to justify their own suppression of opponents, now labeled terrorists. Die Bilanz der Bush-Politik ist bislang mehr als deprimierend.