Angst durch Propaganda

--- Eine hochkarätig besetzte Konferenz in New York widmete sich der Frage, wie die US-Regierung Propaganda gezielt einsetzt, um die Angst in der Bevölkerung nach dem 11. September zu schüren und den Staat umzubauen. Einen Bericht dazu gibt es in der New York Times: the dominant idea was that, as the conference's thematic statement put it, fear was being "encouraged by our government and exacerbated by our media." It was compared with the irrational fear of Communism and the perversions of McCarthyism. It was described as part of a counter-constitutional coup by a radical right. Talks about other aspects of fear — how, for example, it tends to drive out reflective thought with its stimulus of the "lateral nucleus of the amygdala" — mainly served to frame the theme. Mr. Hollander devoted some time to discussing Roosevelt's classic statement that "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself," but after a while it became evident that "fear itself" was what many speakers wanted to inspire, not just to describe. Mehr dazu auf der Website zur Konferenz.