Das Internet und die Massenmedien im Wahlkampf

--- Matt Drudges Praktikantinnen-Story, die der Klatsch-Blogger vergangene Woche gezielt gegen Kerry abfeuerte, wollte in den traditionellen Massenmedien nicht so richtig Karriere machen. Die New York Times geht dieser Frage nun nach und philosophiert in dem Artikel allgemein über die Auswirkungen des Internet auf den US-Wahlkampf: “Clearly the Internet is accelerating the pace at which politics move,’’ said Jim Jordan, Mr. Kerry’s former campaign manager. “And, increasingly, it seems to allow the mainstream media to rationalize editorial decisions that wouldn’t have been made in the past.’’ Ultimately, most news organizations, however, did not take the bait, with some ignoring the story entirely and others, including The New York Times, reporting denials from Mr. Kerry and the woman in question deep within their news pages. “There was no proof of anything,’’ said Tom Hannon, the CNN political director. He said the network buried the denials in other campaign reports. Mickey Kaus, who had discussed the ethics of reporting the rumor on his Web blog, kausfiles.com, agreed that two different journalism worlds exist and he said that it’s a good thing. “Clearly we seem to be settling into an equilibrium where standards on the Web are different, and people can live with that as long as the mainstream press behaves the way it behaved during this latest scandal, which is to say they stick to their own standards,’’ Mr. Kaus said. Mehr zum Thema in Telepolis. Außerdem gibts eine ausführliche Spindoktor-Analyse des letztlich nur begrenzt erfolgreichen Netzwahlkampfs Howard Deans in der aktuellen c't.