Blix kritisiert Druck auf UN-Inspekteure in Buchform

--- Hans Blix, ehemalige Chef der UN-Waffeninspekteure im Irak, hat seine Erlebnisse nun auch in Buchform aufgearbeitet. In dem Band Disarming Iraq. The Search for Weapons of Mass Destruction übt er vor allem erneut Kritik am falschen Druck auf die Hussein-Entwaffner aus Washington. Ein paar Auszüge gibts schon im Guardian zu lesen: After many months of occupation, claims that certain trucks that were found were the famous biolabs have been recognised as "embarrassing". I am not aware of any other intelligence "shared" with us that has been substantiated by credible evidence. ... On the following Sunday March 9 the New York Times had a detailed article in which Washington officials revealed that inspectors had recently discovered "a new variety of rocket [the cluster bomb] seemingly configured to strew bomblets filled with chemical or biological agents over large areas". The officials provided the information to reinforce the US view that inspectors had found "incriminating evidence in Iraq." The weapon had a short but intense political life span lasting from Thursday to Monday, when it was mentioned by US Ambassador [John] Negroponte in the informal consultations of the security council. Thereafter we never heard about it again. Einen Extra-Teil widmet der Guardian Vorwürfen an den britischen Premier Blair.