Irakische Interims-Verfassung reift heran

--- Laut New York Times haben sich irakische Führer auf eine Interims-Verfassung für das besetzte Land geeinigt: The deal, struck at 4:20 a.m. after a lengthy meeting, was approved unanimously by the Iraqi Governing Council, the Iraqi officials said. It included "full consensus on each article," said Intifad Qanbar, an aide to Ahmad Chalabi, a member of the council, the Iraqi authority appointed by the American occupation administration. Dschalabi gilt allerdings als Marionette der USA bzw. als rhetorischer Hauptaufrührer des jüngsten Irak-Kriegs. Die Times ist trotzdem optimistisch: Mr. Qanbar said the constitution would be signed Wednesday after the Shiite Muslim feast of Ashoura. The council has been under intense pressure to reach an agreement on the constitution, an important part of the process by which the Bush administration intends to hand sovereignty to an Iraqi government by a June 30 deadline. If approved, the interim constitution would be the most progressive such document in the Arab world. Even before the hard bargaining began, there was wide agreement on many of its major features, including the freedom of speech, press and assembly and the free exercise of religion. The constitution provides for an independent judiciary, equal treatment under the law regardless of gender or ethnicity, as well as civilian control over the military. "This document protects the rights of individuals more than any other document in the region," said Feisal al-Istrabadi, an Iraqi American lawyer who helped draft the interim constitution. Wir dürfen gespannt sein, ob das neokolonialistische Verfassungsdokument wirklich auf breite Zustimmung im Irak stößt.