Kerry und Dean: das Dream-Team?

--- Kerry und Dean entdecken ungeahnte Sympathien für einander, so die New York Times. Kommt der Netzkandidat folglich gar als möglicher Vizepräsident ins Spiel? Noch ist alles offen, man beschränkt sich bislang auf symbolische Posen: The so-called "handmaiden of special interests" and the man whose "judgment and sense of responsibility" he frequently had denounced raised their hands in unison on Wednesday, two formerly bitter Democratic rivals meeting for the first time to plot the path to their mutual goal: ousting President Bush from the White House. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, welcomed Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont who once seemed his chief political roadblock, to his headquarters here on Wednesday with an ovation by scores of staff members. The two men talked for an hour behind closed doors, guarded by a phalanx of Secret Service agents — but not before Mr. Kerry hugged Dr. Dean and shook his hand for the cameras. Dr. Dean made no official endorsement of Mr. Kerry but Democrats close to both men said they expect it to come before the end of the month, quashing any concerns in the party that Dr. Dean would not help the ticket.

Update: Eine schöne Satire zu Dean und Kerry beim Borowitz-Report (11.03.04 -- feste URL für das Stück leider noch nicht vergeben)