Private Söldner-Armeen machen US-Army zu schaffen

--- Der US-Army gehen die fähigen Leute für ihre "Special Operations"-Gruppen aus, das das Söldnertum auch in der Privatwirtschaft längst boomt und dort viel besser gezahlt wird, berichtet die New York Times: Evidence of a drain of seasoned Special Operations members, including elite Delta Force soldiers, is largely anecdotal right now, but the head of the military's Special Operations Command, Gen. Bryan D. Brown of the Army, is so concerned about what he is hearing from troops in the field that he convened an unusual meeting of his top commanders in Washington last week to discuss the matter. "The retention of our special operating forces is a big issue," General Brown said. ... "The kind of people we're training today, that are culturally aware, able to work overseas, experts with handguns and rifles, physically fit, hand-selected guys that also speak a foreign language," General Brown told the Senate Armed Services Committee last Thursday, "these kind of people are very attractive to those kind of civilian private industries that provide security services both at home and abroad."