Rheingold: Blogs sind gesund für die öffentliche Meinung

--- Howard Rheingold, Vorreiter in Sachen Virtual Communities und Smart Mobs, kommentiert das Treiben der Blogosphäre in einem Interview mit Business Week Online: If 10 million people are publishing their own opinions instead of sitting slack-jawed in front of the tube, that's got to be healthier for the public sphere. The mass media have disempowered people from the process and made them feel disempowered. ... What's lacking is grounding in good journalism. It's a learned skill that requires some tutelage by people who understand it. I wish that the people in the news business, instead of fearing the bloggers, would help educate them. ... Misinformation and disinformation and bad information can now travel to more people much faster than ever before. The only hope is that it comes from more channels than ever before. Rheingold muss es ja wissen, er bloggt schließlich selber auf seiner Smart-Mobs-Site. Ansonsten in dem Special von Business Weeka auch noch andere ganz interessante Texte zu Internet & Politik bzw. Online-Campaigning.