USA starten neue Offensive in Afghanistan

--- Die Bush-Regierung verfällt mal wieder in Aktionismus und hat eine neue Offensive gegen bin Laden und die Taliban in Afghanistan gestartet: The operation, codenamed "Mountain Storm," began on March 7 and involved troops from the 13,500-strong U.S.-led force backed by air support, U.S. military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Bryan Hilferty told a news briefing on Saturday. "We believe that this will help bring the heads of the terrorist organizations to justice by continuing to place pressure on them," he said. Asked whether the operation could lead to the arrest of al Qaeda leader bin Laden, Hilferty replied: "This operation is aimed like the rest at rebuilding and reconstructing and providing enduring security in Afghanistan, so it's certainly about more than one person. Sollte Bush doch noch auf außenpolitische Erfolge für seinen Wahlkampf rechnen? Hartes Vorgehen gegen Al Qaeda kommt in der gegenwärtigen Lage jedenfalls immer an.