911: Die Zeichen standen klar an der Wand

--- Die New York Times fasst die bisherigen Ergebnisse des 911-Untersuchungsausschusses zusammen und rückt dabei die Bush-Regierung -- aber auch Clinton und Co. zuvor -- in kein gutes Licht: The attacks of Sept. 11 seemed to come in a stunning burst from nowhere. But now, after three weeks of extraordinary public hearings and a dozen detailed reports, the lengthy documentary record makes clear that predictions of an attack by Al Qaeda had been communicated directly to the highest levels of the government. The threat reports were more clear, urgent and persistent than was previously known. Some focused on Al Qaeda's plans to use commercial aircraft as weapons. Others stated that Osama bin Laden was intent on striking on United States soil. Many were passed to the Federal Aviation Administration. While some of the intelligence went back years, other warnings — including one that Al Qaeda seemed interested in hijacking a plane inside this country — had been delivered to the president on Aug. 6, 2001, just a month before the attacks. The new information produced by the commission so far has led 6 of its 10 members to say or suggest that the attacks could have been prevented, though there is no consensus on when, how or by whom. Warum wurden dann nicht die notwendigen Konsequenzen im Weißen Haus gezogen?