Falludscha: Legten irakische "Helfer" einen Hinterhalt?

--- Geht es nach einem Bericht der New York Times, kann sich die Koalition der Willigen absolut nicht mehr auf die irakischen Polizei- und Zivilkräfte verlassen. Denn die ermorderten Söldner der Firma Blackwater USA wurden demnach gezielt von vermeintlich befreundeten Mitarbeitern des zivilen Verteidigungskorps gelockt:"The truth is, we got led into this ambush," Mr. Toohey, vice president for government relations at Blackwater, said in an interview, offering the company's first detailed account of the attack. "We were set up," he said. Two senior Pentagon officials said yesterday that they could not independently confirm the conclusions of the Blackwater investigation, and that a separate military inquiry was continuing. Mr. Toohey said his company's investigation of the incident, which included interviews with convoy drivers who survived the ambush, had not yet determined whether the Blackwater employees were led into Falluja by active members of the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps, or whether they were led into the city by imposters wearing defense corps uniforms. But the convoy, on a mission to pick up kitchen equipment, had little cause for suspicion: the Iraqi escort had been arranged and met with the convoy as planned at an intersection just east of Falluja. "They said, `We'll escort you, show you a short way through Falluja,' " Mr. Toohey said. Imposters or not, he said, the incident underscored deepening concern about the reliability of the Iraqi civil defense forces at a time when allied troops are fighting in many parts of Iraq to suppress militant Sunni and Shiite groups.