Kerry kriegt deutlich weniger Air-Time als Bush

--- Die US-Fernsehnachrichten räumen dem demokratischen Präsidentschaftskandidaten John F. Kerry deutlich weniger Platz ein als George W. Bush: n the daily battle for airtime, Bush has drawn more than three times as much live cable coverage as his Democratic challenger, yet another example of the advantages of incumbency. A review by The Washington Post, using a video monitoring service, finds that the cable news networks have covered more Bush events and stayed with them longer. From March 3, the day after the senator clinched the nomination, through Friday, they have devoted 12 hours and 11 minutes to live appearances by Bush -- including Tuesday's prime-time news conference, which was also carried by NBC, CBS and ABC. Kerry's live cable coverage during this period: 3 hours 47 minutes. ... The situation is hardly new. Scott Reed, Bob Dole's 1996 presidential campaign manager, faced the same problem against President Clinton. "The commander in chief always has the opportunity to steal the stage and overshadow the challenger," he says. "In the beginning you feel frustrated by it, but eventually you accept reality. . . . There's nothing Kerry can do to break in."