Scharfe Rhetorik im Irak

--- Im Irak wird nicht nur weiter blutig gekämpft, auch die Rhetorik bei den anscheinend mehr Selbstbewusstsein fassenden Irakern wird deutlich schärfer. Ein paar Auszüge aus der New York Times: Mr. Sadr, who holed up in a mosque in Kufa after he launched his insurrection last weekend, then later disappeared, gave his response in a sermon delivered in a Najaf mosque by an aide, Sheik Jaber al-Khafagi. The message consisted mostly of a diatribe against President Bush and boasts about the scope of the insurrection. "I address my enemy, Bush," the sermon said. "You are now fighting an entire nation, from north to south, from east to west, and we advise you to withdraw from Iraq." Failing that, it went on, "you will lose the elections you are now struggling for," and all Iraqis who failed to heed Mr. Sadr's call to fight the Americans would "burn in hell." ... But perhaps the heaviest blow was struck by Adnan Pachachi, the 80-year-old former Iraqi foreign minister, who has been regarded by the Americans as one of their most trusted allies. In remarks broadcast by an Arab satellite television network, Al Arabiya, Mr. Pachachi, a Sunni, called the offensive a "mass punishment" for the people of Falluja. "It is not right to punish all the people of Falluja, and we consider these operations by the Americans to be unacceptable and illegal," he said. Mehr zur Schlacht um Falludscha am gestrigen Jahrestag des Sturzes der Saddam-Statue in Bagdad bei Spiegel Online.