Spinning soll gegen die "Marke" al Qaeda helfen

--- Die Spin Doctors sieht Jason McCue im Kampf gegen die "Marke" al Qaeda gefragt in einem Kommentar im Observer: To beat al-Qaeda, we must challenge the brand and educate people about the flaws in the product; that its miracle cures for the underclasses are no more effective as remedies than old-fashioned cures for hair loss or obesity. ... The al-Qaeda brand is vulnerable to spin. Bin Laden, regardless of his financial empire, strives to maintain an image of the classless, revolutionary, freedom fighter, pictured in combat gear around camp fires. Our PR machine should focus on his wealth, his harem, his absence from the battlefield and his disturbed interpretation of Islam. ... We must attack the myth of al-Qaeda, the sense that they are all powerful, omnipresent and capable of toppling Western society. It will not be the military or the police that finishes al-Qaeda but the spin doctors, the media and the public. We must encourage our leaders to use their heads rather than their might. We must reveal terrorists for what they are: an opportunist ramshackle group of bloodthirsty extremists. We must tackle ignorance, poverty and injustice but we must do so on contemporary battlefields. These are no longer simply liberal ideals; they are essential weapons in the war on neo- terror.