Cannes-Filmfestival endet mit Polit-Statement vs. Bush

--- Erfolgsautor Michael Moore, dessen Bücher und Filme in Deutschland jüngst aufgrund ihres teilweise recht leichtfertigen Umgangs mit der Wahrheit kritisiert wurden, hat die Goldene Palme in Cannes gewonnen: Damit wird weniger die Genialität seines Dokumentarstreifens Fahrenheit 9/11 ausgezeichnet, als vielmehr seine "Lebensleistung" als Bush-Kritiker: For Moore, the win was more than an artistic triumph. It amounted to a political hand grenade lobbed at the White House. The documentary makes no bones about its point of view: that President Bush's invasion of Iraq amounted to a diversionary tactic -- to take attention away from Bush's personal and business links with oil-rich Saudi Arabians, including members of the bin Laden family. It also portrays the president as out of his depth as a leader. Interessanterweise hat der Film weltweit Distributoren -- nur nicht in den USA. Last month, Walt Disney, the distributor of the movie through its Miramax division, had blocked the release of the documentary, citing its politically divisive content. This left "Fahrenheit 9/11" high and dry as it approached its scheduled July 2 opening date. Harvey Weinstein, Miramax's co-president, has vowed to distribute the movie one way or another, whether by buying the film and distributing it independently or releasing it through a third party. Negotiations between Weinstein and Disney are ongoing.