Die "vergessenen" Kriege Teil xy: Afghanistan

--- Nicht nur der Kosovo-Krieg kann als von der Weltgemeinschaft "vergessen" gelten, sondern auch der jüngere Afghanistan-Krieg, schreibt der Independent: Three years after the overthrow of the Taliban and George Bush's declaration of victory in the first conflict in the war on terror, Afghanistan is a nation on the edge of anarchy. A devastating indictment of the Allies' failure to help reconstruct the country in the wake of the 2001 conflict is to be delivered in a parliamentary report. The Independent has learnt that an all-party group of MPs from the Foreign Affairs Committee has returned from a visit to the country shocked and alarmed by what they witnessed. They warn that urgent action must be taken to save Afghanistan from plunging further into chaos because of Western neglect. As President Bush and Tony Blair unveil their plans today for the future of Iraq through the draft of a new United Nations resolution, the MPs warn that the mistakes of Afghanistan could be repeated with similar tragic consequences in Iraq. Eric Ilsley, a Labour member of the committee, said: "Afghanistan is a basket case. It's a forgotten country."