Falludscha feiert den Sieg über die Koalitionstruppen

--- Die militanten irakischen Bewacher Falludschas feiern nach dem Abzug der Koalitionstruppen symbolisch den Sieg über die Besatzer, berichtet die Washington Post: Covering their faces with checkered head scarves, militiamen loyal to a former Iraqi army general jubilantly took to the streets of this battle-scarred city Saturday to celebrate what they called a triumph over withdrawing U.S. Marines. As the militiamen drove through Fallujah in trucks and congregated on deserted street corners, residents flashed V-for-victory signs and mosques broadcast celebratory messages proclaiming triumph over the Americans. ... "We won," said one of the militiamen, a former soldier who gave his name only as Abu Abdullah, meaning the father of Abdullah. "We didn't want the Americans to enter the city and we succeeded." Den seit Wochen tobenden (Info-)War um die Stadt haben die "Aufständischen" damit zunächst für sich entschieden.