Kerry hat seinen Weg noch nicht gefunden

--- Es ist zwar noch einige Monate hin bis zur US-Präsidentschaftswahl, doch dass der Herausforderer der Demokraten, John F. Kerry, seinen Weg noch nicht so recht finden mag, beunruhigt manche Beobachter, so die New York Times: Two months after Senator John Kerry effectively captured the Democratic presidential nomination, party officials say his campaign is being regularly outmaneuvered by the White House as it struggles to find a focus and to make the transition from the primaries to the fight with President Bush. Even while expressing confidence about Mr. Kerry's prospects, Democratic Party officials said they were concerned about what they described as his trouble in settling on a defining theme for his candidacy, the pace of his advertising and his progress in setting up field organizations in battleground states. "George Bush has had three of the worst months of his presidency, but they are stuck and they've got to move past this moment," said Donna Brazile, who managed Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign. ... For many Democrats, Mr. Kerry's single biggest difficulty was what they described as his continuing search for a defining theme for his candidacy. ... "We need to be honest with ourselves: Our candidate is not one who's good with a 30-second sound bite," said Representative Harold E. Ford Jr. of Tennessee, co-chairman of Mr. Kerry's campaign. "He is very thoughtful and it takes him a while to say things." Apple-Chef Steve Jobs und der Milliardär Warren Buffet sollen die (technologiefreundliche) Richtung nun anscheinend mit vorgeben.