Kerry und die Google-Bomber

--- Nun hat es also auch John Kerry erwischt: Nachdem die trickreichen Blogger Bush bereits zum "miserable failure" Number One bei Google "hochgebombt" haben, führt sein Herausforderer nun bei der Eingabe des Suchbegriffs "waffles" (Geschwafel). Doch das Kerry-Lager konterte bereits: The campaign has purchased Google AdWords, sponsored links that come up beside results when certain words are searched. The short links also refer to Kerry's website, but suggest users "read about President Bush's Waffles." "When we heard people were linking the word 'waffles' with John Kerry, our thought was, 'This is ridiculous,'" said Morra Aarons, Internet grass-roots coordinator for John Kerry for President. "But our solution was to fight fire with fire." Google-bombing has fast become a popular prank on the Web. Bloggers have found they can manipulate search results by hyperlinking unsavory labels to individual pages. The trick also works on Yahoo, Lycos and AltaVista. The "waffles" campaign was apparently started by Pennsylvania law student Ken Jacobson on his Esoteric Diatribe blog