Patriot Act verhindert Nachrichten über sich selbst

--- So weit ist es schon: Das Antiterrorpaket in den USA, der Patriot Act, machte es wochenlang für die American Civil Liberties Union unmöglich, die Öffentlichkeit über eine eingereichte Klage gegen das umfangreiche Paragraphenwerk aufzuklären: The American Civil Liberties Union disclosed yesterday that it filed a lawsuit three weeks ago challenging the FBI's methods of obtaining many business records, but the group was barred from revealing even the existence of the case until now. The lawsuit was filed April 6 in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, but the case was kept under seal to avoid violating secrecy rules contained in the USA Patriot Act, the ACLU said. The group was allowed to release a redacted version of the lawsuit after weeks of negotiations with the government. "It is remarkable that a gag provision in the Patriot Act kept the public in the dark about the mere fact that a constitutional challenge had been filed in court," Ann Beeson, the ACLU's associate legal director, said in a statement.