US-Militär: Irak mit Guantanamo verwechselt

--- Der Skandal um die Folterfotos weiter sich in den USA immer weiter aus und stürzt das US-Militär in eine Krise. So berichtet die New York Times nun, dass es zunächst so gut wie keine Regeln für den Umgang mit Gefangenen gab. Der Generalmajor Geoffrey D. Miller soll dann das harte Anpacken der Gefangenen gefördert haben: Perhaps most important, with the insurgency raging in Iraq, there was no effective system at the prisons for wringing intelligence from the prisoners, officials said. "They had no rules for interrogations," a military officer who traveled to Iraq with General Miller said. "People were escaping and getting shot. We tried to offer them some very basic recommendations." According to information from a classified interview with the senior military intelligence officer at Abu Ghraib prison, General Miller's recommendations prompted a shift in the interrogation and detention procedures there. Military intelligence officers were given greater authority in the prison, and military police guards were asked to help gather information about the detainees. ... General Miller's recommendations were based in large part on his command of the detention camp in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, where he won praise from the Pentagon for improving the flow of intelligence from terrorist suspects and prisoners of the Afghanistan war.