US-Wahlkämpfer werben massiv online

--- Die Werbeschlacht um die Präsidentenkür in den USA findet vor allem im Netz statt, berichtet die Washington Post. Demnach kaufen sowohl Republikaner wie Demokraten massiv Banner in bekannten Online-Medien, aber auch Blogger profitieren: Kerry has placed ads on at least 100 Web sites, according to the independent research firm Nielsen/NetRatings and research by The Washington Post. Many are newspaper sites, such as those of USA Today and the Los Angeles Times. Others have little to do with politics or news, but enjoy sizable followings, including the Onion and Billboard.com. Kerry's campaign also has placed ads on some liberal blogs and purchased at least one ad on the search engine Google that appears whenever users search for information using the keywords "the economy." Kerry's campaign -- like the president's -- declined to say how much it has spent on the ads. But both said the spots are becoming an important way to reach voters. "We're continuing to try innovative new ways to reach people," said Michael Meehan, a spokesman for Kerry. "This is certainly one of the arrows in our quiver in our online fundraising strategy." ... The candidates' allies are also buying ads. America Coming Together, an independent Democratic group, has begun advertising on several liberal blogs and Google, and is preparing to run ads on the search engine Yahoo and several national newspapers' Web sites. Wes Boyd, co-founder of the liberal advocacy group MoveOn.org, said his organization will probably begin advertising online this year. The anti-tax Club for Growth is also considering buying ads, while the Democratic National Committee has begun experimenting with Google ads. The Republican National Committee has been particularly aggressive, posting ads on about 1,500 sites each of the past four months. "Show your support for the president's success and learn more about the future," said one. The spots have run on a wide range of sites, including AutoTrader.com and the Original Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive.

PS: Orange ist out, mintgrün-taubenblau-grau ist in!