Verstopfen RSS-Feeds das Netz?

--- RSS-Feeds sind nützlich, können sie doch einen besseren Überblick über die explodierende Nachrichtenwelt im Netz und die Bloggosphäre schaffen. Auch der Spindoktor bietet mit Atom.xml einen entsprechenden Verschnitt an. Doch es wird befürchtet, dass die ganzen einzeln abgefragten Ströme das Netz verstopfen könnten: Aggregators, sometimes called newsreaders or RSS readers, are a hybrid of a Web browser and an e-mail program, allowing Web users to peruse hundreds of information sources, from Boston-based restaurant job listings to Taiwanese political blogs. The beauty of an aggregator is that it displays articles from hundreds of websites in one place, so the user doesn't have to pull up the sites individually. But some are wondering: What happens when everyone discovers the power of aggregators? Will the Web be able to handle it? In Internet boom-speak, will it scale? Already, aggregators have swamped some sites, slowing Web servers and eating up expensive bandwidth, according to bloggers and other Web publishers. The end may be near, unless something changes soon, said Gary Lawrence Murphy, whose Linux blog, TeledyN, has been overloaded. "Once all the covered wagons show up and an RSS reader is folded into Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Outlook, we're doomed," Murphy said.