Bill Gates will liebend gern auch mal bloggen

--- Die Zeichen stehen deutlich an der Wand: die Blogosphäre könnte schon sehr bald prominenten Zuwachs bekommen von Über-Geek Bill Gates himself: Bill Gates has a reputation for coming late to the party, then making a big splash when he arrives. That's what happened after the Microsoft chairman realized the potential of the Internet. And it may happen again if he starts his personal Web log. Yes, the world's richest man may start his own blog, one of those online diaries that have been the rage among techies for the past three or four years. Bill's blog won't be all business, either. He's expected to share personal details such as tidbits from recent vacations, according to tech pundit Mary Jo Foley's Microsoft Watch newsletter. Citing unnamed sources, she reported yesterday that Gates is about to start blogging "real soon now." Microsoft spokesman Mark Murray would not confirm the story, but left open the possibility, saying, "Bill would love to do his own blog at some point in the future, time permitting." Murray noted that Gates talked up blogging at gathering of executives in Redmond last month. "Bill and the company are very enthusiastic about blogging," he said. "Bill talked a lot about the power and potential of blogging at the CEO Summit and the advantages it gives to communicating and sharing information with a wide range of potential audiences." Die Drohung fand sich über Hal Faber.