Die Macht der Blogger gibt den alten Medien zu denken

--- Der Guardian beschäftigt sich mit der "angstmachenden Macht der Blogger": Not only are major news organisations rolling out blogs of their own, but in the past 12 months the influence of bloggers over their print, television and radio counterparts has grown massively. Consider a decision made by organisers of this year's Democratic National Convention (DNC), next month in Boston. So keen are John Kerry's men to get their message through to the people of Blogistan that for the first time they have issued press accreditation to political bloggers. Just try to imagine any major political organisation recognising blogs in the same way this time last year and you'll realise how far bloggers have gone up in the estimation of those in power. ... As the popularity of internet radio continues to grow and as more and more people discover the beauty of Blogistan, it will soon become almost impossible to utter a sentence on the air without it being torn apart by an army of live online critics. What will be interesting to see is how the radio stations - particularly political talk radio stations - adapt to this new level of uber-accountability.


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