Irak: Sehen die Medien nur die schwarze Seite?

--- Jeff Jacoby mag nicht mehr nur die Horrormeldungen aus dem Irak in den US-Medien hören und schreibt im Boston Globe von den Fortschritten der Koalition im Zweistromland: To hear the media tell it, virtually nothing in Iraq is going right. Suicide terrorism, Abu Ghraib, sabotaged pipelines, swelling anti-American sentiment -- the coverage has focused on almost all bad news, almost all the time. But don't be fooled. There are plenty of good-news stories in Iraq, too. Here are half a dozen. Moqtada al-Sadr's uprising is kaput. ... For the first time, an Iraqi soccer team has qualified for the Olympics. ... With the help of a retired US naval officer, scouting is being revived in Iraq ... On June 11, US military commanders bestowed awards for valor on five Iraqis -- soldiers in the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps -- for saving the life of a US Marine during an ambush in Al Karmah. Hm, besonders stichhaltig sind manche der "Erfolgsgeschichten" aber dann doch noch nicht.