9/11-Report: Noch immer zahlreiche offene Fragen

--- Die LA Times hat immer noch nicht genug vom Abschlussbericht der 9/11-Kommission und zeichnet die auch auf den knapp 600 Seiten nach wie vor offen gebliebenen Fragen auf: The release last week of the final report of the independent 9/11 commission offered the nation a comprehensive overview of the origin and execution of the attacks. What the nation does not have are answers to all the outstanding questions, some of them fundamental: Who provided the nearly half a million dollars it cost to carry out the attacks? How could the man who is alleged to have recruited several of the hijack pilots have done this while under investigation by at least three intelligence services — those of the United States, Germany and Morocco? Who, if anyone, assisted the hijackers during their time in the United States? Some unanswered questions fall more in the category of perplexing curiosities: Why did Mohamed Atta and another hijacker drive from Boston to Portland, Me., the day before the attacks, then fly back to Boston the next morning, almost missing the flight they intended to hijack? Still other questions have less to do with the plot itself than the ground from which it sprung: How did it happen that a single family of Pakistani expatriates in Kuwait, by most accounts an ordinary, pious family devoted to good works, produce five men — the plot mastermind, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, and four of his nephews — who played roles in the attacks? Many of the open questions might never be resolved. As commission Chairman Thomas H. Kean acknowledged, "There are still some unanswered questions because obviously the people who were at the heart of the plot are dead." Die Zeitung versucht sich des weiteren an Antworten, aber das Feld für Verschwörungstheorien aller Art bleibt weiter offen.

Update: Wer den unvermeidlichen Bröckers zu dem Thema noch lesen will ...