Online-Frühwarnsystem für Terroranschläge geplant

--- Der israelische Professor Mark Last von der Ben-Gurion Universität will ein Frühwarnsystem gegen Terroranschläge entwickeln, das auf der Auswertung der Internetkommunikation islamistischer Extremisten basiert und so dem E-Dschihad beikommen will: Israeli researchers are working on ways to make communication more difficult for terrorists. One of the leaders in the field is Ben-Gurion University Professor Mark Last who is conducting breakthrough research on fighting terror in cyberspace at his Software Quality Engineering/Data Mining) Laboratory on the Beersheva campus. ... "The more we work, the more we learn details of the extent of terrorist use and misuse of the Internet, the websites they are maintaining for their supporters, for conducting illegal international transactions, sending messages to each other and other kinds of activities." In his lab, Last and his team are working towards the goal of achieving the ability to predict future activities and targets by searching Web pages, e-mails and other on-line data. His lab at BGU is working to develop and implement a prototype system for detection of terrorist-related or other criminal activities characterized by abnormal patterns of information access and use on the Internet. Last initiated the idea two years ago to take established ideas of data mining and computational analysis and apply techniques to the information on the Internet, especially on the Internet traffic. Using this technique, he believes, eventually terrorist internet activity will be able to be detected, even if that activity is taking place in the midst of a great deal of innocent activity at an Internet café, a company, or a university.