Video zeigt angeblich Enthauptung eines CIA-Agenten

--- Ein neues Enthauptungsvideo zeigt angeblich die HInrichtung eines amerikanischen CIA-Agenten, berichtet NEIN und bietet die Datei auch zum Download an (Eintrag vom 11.08.04). Als Vollstrecker des selbst ausgesprochenen Urteils bezichtigt sich al-Sarkawis Organisation al-Tawhid wa al-Dschihad -- allerdings ist die Aufzeichnung vollkommen anders gestrickt als bei den bisherigen Kopfabsäbelungen: the actual decapitation is considerably different from the other beheadings we have seen in Iraq. In this video, the condemned man is seated in a chair, apparantly unconscious because he does not move as the moment of death approaches. He remains seated in the chair as the executioner lunches towards him with a large sword. After several wide swipes of the sword, the head is removed from the body. ... Also worth noting is that this condemned man was not wearing an orange jumpsuit, but was in plain clothes. This beheading occurs outdoors; previous beheadings have been conducted inside a building. These discrepencies indicate that the persons responsible for the death of this man may be not be the same as those responsible for the other beheadings. There is no word as the the identity of the murdered man. In addition, the man does not speak. It is impossible to determine if this man is an American, as they claim. It is worth noting that they speak to him in English, saying "Open your eyes". Other clues at the bottom of the page say "ALQA3EDAH" and "IRHABI007". Irhabi 007 is Arabic for Terrorist 007. Das Pseudonym ist in Fachkreisen nicht gerade unbekannt, weil es auch schon auf gecrackten US-Regierungsseiten auftauchte, auf denen Propagandamaterial der Gotteskrieger abgelegt worden war.