Anti-Spin-Blogger liefern Bestseller ab

--- Wired News bringt eine AP-Meldung über das Buch All the President's Spin: George W. Bush, the Media and the Truth., das von den Machern des Blogs Spinsanity verfasst wurde: Everywhere Duke University graduate student Brendan Nyhan and his partners in the political website spinsanity look, they see spin. ... "We're in an arms race of spin, and John Kerry is going down the exact same road as Bush has, and that's going to lead to disaster if everyone in the political system tried to do this, Nyhan said recently. Nyhan, Ben Fritz and Bryan Keefer are founders of spinsanity -- where the slogan is "Countering rhetoric with reason" -- and authors of the recent book All the President's Spin: George W. Bush, the Media and the Truth. Collectively, they're on a crusade to rescue a political system and media they believe are seriously off track. Reporters, they say, are too soft on President Bush, while the president spins his message with half-truths better than any of his predecessors. The result: a vacuum of shallow news stories and an uninformed electorate, according to Nyhan. The threesome and their analysis are getting big play this election year. Their work has appeared on the web magazine salon.com and is a weekly feature on the commentary pages of The Philadelphia Inquirer. And their book has made The New York Times' paperback nonfiction best sellers' list and ranks 390th in sales on Amazon.