Gesetzesentwurf in USA will 9/11-Report umsetzen

--- Ein Gesetzesentwurf von John McCain (Republikaner) und dem Demokraten Joe Lieberman will Vorschläge aus dem Abschlussbericht der 9/11-Kommission berücksichtigen und setzt unter anderem auf verstärkte Überwachung mithilfe biometrischer Syteme: A bill introduced Tuesday in response to the 9/11 Commission's recent report would embrace biometric IDs, force drivers' licenses to be standardized, and undertake the monumental task of making sure that the computers used in U.S. spy agencies can talk to each other. ... The legislation ... represents a sweeping reorganization of the agencies engaged in intelligence activity and would create a new post of national intelligence director. "Congress must act with dispatch to carefully consider the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and to enact needed changes to further secure our homeland," McCain said. "We continue to confront grave threats, and there is no greater priority than ensuring the safety of our country." The 281-page bill is lengthy and complex. Some of its sections would: •  "Centralize" the controversial no-fly and automatic-selectee lists, which are designed to weed out suspicious air travelers, in an attempt to create a more accurate terrorist watch list.
•  Require that all state drivers' licenses and ID cards follow a wealth of standards to be set by the federal government, including a rule that licenses must sport "a digital photograph or other unique identifier." Federal agencies won't be allowed to honor ID cards that don't follow those regulations.
•  Create an "automated biometric entry and exit data system" to track certain immigrants and visa holders. The system would be intended to link "all databases and data systems" maintained by federal agencies with authority over immigration.
•  Establish an "integrated screening" computer system that would be used to verify the identities of anyone who wishes to access certain government buildings, privately owned "critical infrastructure," and transportation systems such as rail or air.
Ob der Ausbau des Hightech-Überwachungsstaat aber wirklich das Allheilmittel gegen Terrorismus sein kann?