Pentagon macht der CIA Konkurrenz

--- Das US-Verteidigungsministerium hat seinen Topf für Special Operations -- bislang eine Domäne der CIA -- deutlich aufgestockt, berichtet die LA Times. Damit soll vor allem Geld in die Hände internationaler Warlords fließen, womit die CIA beispielsweise in Afghanistan traditionell viel falsch gemacht und so manche sich später auch gegen die USA richtende Terrorgruppe unterstützt hat: Under the new policy, the U.S. Special Operations Command will have as much as $25 million a year to spend providing "support to foreign forces, irregular forces, groups or individuals" aiding U.S. efforts against terrorists and other targets. Previously, military units were prohibited from providing money or arms to foreign groups. Pentagon officials said the new capability was crucial in the war on terrorism, enabling America's elite soldiers to buy off tribal leaders or arm local militias while pursuing Al Qaeda operatives and confronting other threats. But the idea of entrusting soldiers with a job traditionally reserved for spies has raised concerns that the program might lead to abuse. Even those who support it say they worry that it could be used to fund and arm unsavory foreign elements that might later use their U.S.-provided weapons and equipment against American interests. "In the right circumstances, like Iraq and Afghanistan, this makes sense," said one congressional official who spoke on condition of anonymity. "In the wrong circumstances it could lead us into some pretty bad stuff." Current and former intelligence officials noted that military units were not subject to the same requirements as the CIA, which typically must secure a presidential directive before providing aid or arms to foreign groups. They also expressed concern that the measure could be a first step toward a more aggressive encroachment on CIA turf by the secretary of Defense and the military. Das kann ja heiter werden, wenn sich "Rebellen" nun gleich doppelt Kohle und Waffen besorgen können und "CIA-Truppen" gegen "Rumsfelds-Hintermänner" kämpfen -- alles begleitet natürlich von verstärkten Propagandaschlachten. Ganz neue Formen des Guerilla-Kriegs stehen uns ins Haus.