Guerrilla-Kämpfer wollten Bush angeblich ermorden

--- Alt-marxistische guatemalische Widerstandskämpfer wollten Bush bei seinem Besuch in Lateinamerika vergangene Woche um die Ecke bringen, weiß die LA Times: Marxist rebels tried to organize an assassination attempt against President Bush during his visit to the port city of Cartagena last week, a top Colombian official said Saturday. Defense Minister Jorge Alberto Uribe told reporters in Bogota that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, a 17,000-member rebel group known as the FARC that has been fighting Colombia's government for four decades, had plotted to kill Bush. ... "Through informants and various sources, we had information indicating that different groups of the FARC had been instructed by the secretariat that they would attempt to assassinate President Bush," Uribe said in a report carried by Caracol Television. White House and other U.S. officials refused to discuss the reported plot Saturday. Ob mehr als eine Anschwärzung der von der Regierung ungeliebten Rebellen dahinter steckt?