Schwarzenegger in Aktion mit Reformagenda

--- Wer sich für die Fortentwicklung des Populismus in der Politik interessiert, sollte die "Neujahrsansprache" Schwarzeneggers lesen. Der Gouvernator hat sich ehrgeizige Ziele gesetzt, insbesondere die Haushaltskonsolidierung, was natürlich zwangsweise mit der Streichung von Finanzmitteln und dem Rückbau des Staates einhergeht. Aber alles ist natürlich nur im Interesse der Bürger, wie Arnold nicht müde wurde zu betonen in seiner Ansprache. Einige rhetorische Highlights daraus, bei denen Schwarzenegger seine Herkunft aus dem Showbiz nicht verheimlichen kann: n these State of the State speeches, governors often begin by listing their accomplishments of the past year. I will do the same. The year before I took office as governor, California had 300 days of sunshine. Last year, under my administration, we had 312 days of sunshine. That's what true leadership is all about. ... My friends, this is a time for choosing. Will California have a government that encourages the dreams of the people? Or will the decline of recent years accelerate and further destroy the people's faith in their government? We must not let that happen. I get up every morning wanting to fix things here in Sacramento. I ask you today: Help me fix them. ... My colleagues, I say to you, political courage is not political suicide. Ignore the lobbyists. Ignore the politics. Trust the people. ... I can also announce that we intend to wipe out nearly 100 unnecessary boards and commissions, abolishing over 1000 political appointments in the process. No one paid by the state should make $100,000 a year for only meeting twice a month. ... The current system is rigged to benefit the interests of those in office . . . not the interests of those who put them there. And we must reform it. On top of the reforms to be addressed in the special session, we must also reform and reorganize the structure of government itself. We need a 21st Century government to match a 21st Century world. ... I love riding my motorcycle along the Pacific Coast Highway - the freedom of the road and the smell of the sea. That is the California spirit. Für eine kritische Würdigung der Rede siehe diesen Artikel in der LA Times.