Folter, Anti-Terrorkampf, CIA und Bush

--- Dass die CIA seit längerem Terrorverdächtige flugs mal in Länder wie Afghanistan ausfliegt und dort Verständnisse zu erpressen sucht, ist kein Geheimnis mehr. Nun berichtet die New York Times aber noch, dass Bush selbst diese Praktiken in einer geheimen Leitlinie befürwortet und keinerlei Überprüfung angeordnet hat: The Bush administration's secret program to transfer suspected terrorists to foreign countries for interrogation has been carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency under broad authority that has allowed it to act without case-by-case approval from the White House or the State or Justice Departments, according to current and former government officials. The unusually expansive authority for the C.I.A. to operate independently was provided by the White House under a still-classified directive signed by President Bush within days of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the officials said. The process, known as rendition, has been central in the government's efforts to disrupt terrorism, but has been bitterly criticized by human rights groups on grounds that the practice has violated the Bush administration's public pledge to provide safeguards against torture. In providing a detailed description of the program, a senior United States official said that it had been aimed only at those suspected of knowing about terrorist operations, and emphasized that the C.I.A. had gone to great lengths to ensure that they were detained under humane conditions and not tortured. The official would not discuss any legal directive under which the agency operated, but said that the "C.I.A. has existing authorities to lawfully conduct these operations." The official declined to be named but agreed to discuss the program to rebut the assertions that the United States used the program to secretly send people to other countries for the purpose of torture. The transfers were portrayed as an alternative to what American officials have said is the costly, manpower-intensive process of housing them in the United States or in American-run facilities in other countries. In recent weeks, several former detainees have described being subjected to coercive interrogation techniques and brutal treatment during months spent in detention under the program in Egypt and other countries. Mehr über den Persilschein aus dem Weißen Haus bei Spiegel Online.

Weitere Geheimdienstnachrichten in der Washington Post. Demnach dürfen die CIA und andere US-Geheimdienste mit Bushs Segen jetzt härter gegen die Spione aus Ländern, die als Gefahr für die innere Sicherheit angesehen werden, vorgehen: The Bush administration has adopted a new counterintelligence strategy that calls for preemptive action against foreign intelligence services viewed as threats to national security, officials said Saturday. The first national U.S. counterintelligence strategy, which President Bush approved on Tuesday, aims to combat intelligence services from countries hungry for U.S. military and nuclear secrets, such as China and Iran, both at home and abroad, counterintelligence officials said. ... Officials said the plan aims to protect U.S. intelligence and information systems from foreign agents, including al Qaeda, by integrating counterintelligence through the new Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive. ... "We have a great deal of bilateral cooperation between agencies. But we need strategically orchestrated operations directed against prioritized foreign intelligence threats," said national counterintelligence executive Michelle Van Cleave, who will oversee the plan. ... officials cited China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Libya as nations that have tried to collect U.S. secrets through spy techniques, including cyber espionage.