USA: Widerstand gegen Bushs Reformagenda wächst

--- Laut einer Umfrage der New York Times und CBS fühlen sich mehr und mehr Amerikaner mit der sich vor allem auf das Sozialsystem beziehenden innenpolitischen Reformagenda der Bush-Regierung (an der auch der Oberspindoktor im Weißen Haus, Karl Rove, kräftig mitgestrickt hat) unwohl: On Social Security, 51 percent said permitting individuals to invest part of their Social Security taxes in private accounts, the centerpiece of Mr. Bush's plan, was a bad idea, even as a majority said they agreed with Mr. Bush that the program would become insolvent near the middle of the century if nothing was done. The number who thought private accounts were a bad idea jumped to 69 percent if respondents were told that the private accounts would result in a reduction in guaranteed benefits. And 45 percent said Mr. Bush's private account plan would actually weaken the economic underpinnings of the nation's retirement system. ... there is strong resistance to other options available to Mr. Bush and lawmakers to repair the system, in particular to raising the retirement age or making participation voluntary. Notwithstanding Mr. Bush's argument that citizens should be given more control over their retirement savings, almost four out of five respondents said it was the government's responsibility to assure a decent standard of living for the elderly. The poll was the first conducted by The Times and CBS News since the president's inauguration. ... Four months after Mr. Bush won a solid re-election over Senator John Kerry, 63 percent of respondents say the president has different priorities on domestic issues than most Americans. Asked to choose among five domestic issues facing the country, respondents rated Social Security third, behind jobs and health care. And nearly 50 percent said Democrats were more likely to make the right decisions about Social Security, compared with 31 percent who said the same thing about Republicans. Bush macht davon unbekümmert trotzdem erst mal weiter Dampf.

Insgesamt scheint sich der Fokus der US-Bürger verstärkt auf die Innenpolitik zu verlagern, der Irak, wo jüngst erst wieder ein Selbstmordattentäter über 130 Menschen tötete, und andere weltweite Brennpunkte geraten da ins Hintertreffen: In an apparent reflection of the success of the Iraq elections, 53 percent of those surveyed said that efforts to bring order to Iraq were going very or somewhat well, up from 41 percent a month ago. That is the highest rating on that score since the capture of Mr. Hussein. Still, 42 percent now say that Mr. Bush would have been better off trying to counter the threat of North Korea before invading Iraq, compared with 45 percent who think Mr. Bush was correct to focus first on Iraq.


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