Rockt Indymedia nicht mehr?

--- Das "unabhängige Medienzentrum" Indymedia (IMC) gilt als Paradebeispiel für den viel beschworenen Bürgerjournalismus alias Citizen Journalism. Doch das ebenfalls auf seine Unabhängigkeit pochende Medienmagazin Alternet wirft jetzt die Frage auf, ob der Idee des eigenen Medienmachens zumindest auf der Indymedia-Plattform die Luft ausgeht:
Conceived initially to allow everybody to 'be the media,' Indymedia is plagued by everything from fascist messages to paralyzing ideology to good old fashioned laziness. ... The open publishing newswire, once filled with breaking stories and photographic evidence refuting government lies, now contains more spam than an old email account. On many sites, it's difficult to find original reporting among the right-wing diatribes and rants about chemtrails poisoning the atmosphere. Coverage of local protests often consists of little more than a few blurry photos of cops doing nothing in particular, without a single line of text explaining the context, the issues, or the goals of the protest. And forget about analysis or investigative reporting. They tend to be as rare on Indymedia as they are on Fox News. This isn't to suggest that I've avoided Indymedia as a journalist, or that I disagree with its mission--neither are true. I've worked with various IMCs over the years during big protests, mostly as a reporter, and mostly secondarily to the various actions I was involved with. ... On the anniversary of the Iraq invasion earlier this year, I was in Mexico, trying to get information about antiwar protests around the United States. I looked at IMC sites based in cities where I knew there were actions, and found nothing. Eventually, I found what I was looking for--on the BBC. The experience, unfortunately, is not uncommon. ... I know I'm not alone in my frustration with IMCs. "I haven't looked at Indymedia in over a year," says the editor of a nationally distributed radical magazine. "Indymedia? It's completely irrelevant," a talented documentary filmmaker tells me. "I let the IMC use my photos but I don't ever read it," says a freelance photojournalist. More and more, independent media makers (even those who occasionally publish on or are affiliated with an IMC) don't even bother looking for news on Indymedia. And for good reason: Indymedia news "coverage" is often lifted from corporate media websites, with occasional editorial remarks added. Some IMC sites limit this type of reporting to a specific section, and there it can lead to informative discussion and criticism. But most seem to rely on it to fill column space in the newswire.
Das deutsche Indymedia hat sich die Autorin zwar nicht angeschaut, aber auch da erfolgen die Updates momentan eher spärlich. Vielleicht liegt der proklamierte Niedergang daran, dass die potentiellen Indymedia-"Reporter" lieber gleich eigene Weblogs füllen?

Und sonst: Karlsruher Überwachungsurteil: Sieg für die Persönlichkeitsrechte. Als richtungsweisend für den Schutz der Persönlichkeitsrechte bewerten Vertreter von Parteien, Datenschützer, Verbände und Juristen die Entscheidung zur Nichtigkeit der vorbeugenden Telekommunikationsüberwachung im niedersächsischen Polizeigesetz.

Bushs schlechtes Händchen für Hightech: Bush's high-tech report card. Does the president get it? Silicon-Valley-Unternehmer sagen Nein.

Neuer US-Spin für den Krieg gegen den Terror: U.S. Officials Retool Slogan for Terror War. In recent speeches and news conferences, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and the nation's senior military officer have spoken of "a global struggle against violent extremism" rather than "the global war on terror," which had been the catchphrase of choice. Administration officials say that phrase may have outlived its usefulness, because it focused attention solely, and incorrectly, on the military campaign.

Bushs Propaganda für seinen Supreme-Court-Kandidaten: AdWatch: Progress for America on Roberts. Less than 24 hours after the president announced the conservative judge as his nominee to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Progress for America - an interest group with ties to the White House - rolled out this positive TV ad about Roberts.

Und die Realität: Documents Show Roberts Influence In Reagan Era. Newly released documents show that John G. Roberts Jr. was a significant backstage player in the legal policy debates of the early Reagan administration, confidently debating older Justice Department officials and supplying them with arguments and information that they used to wage a bureaucratic struggle for the president's agenda.

Weite Kreise der Rove-Affäre: Prosecutor In CIA Leak Case Casting A Wide Net. The special prosecutor in the CIA leak probe has interviewed a wider range of administration officials than was previously known, part of an effort to determine whether anyone broke laws during a White House effort two years ago to discredit allegations that President Bush used faulty intelligence to justify the Iraq war, according to several officials familiar with the case.

"Over There" - endlich eine Irak-Krieg-Soap (inspiriert von Soldatenblogs): Ein Fernsehkrieg, der süchtig macht. Erstmals beschäftigt sich in den USA eine TV-Serie mit dem Irak-Krieg und dessen traumatischen Folgen. Das Schock-Drama "Over There", das heute in Amerika anläuft, stammt vom selben Team wie der Cop-Krimi "NYPD Blue" und sorgt schon jetzt für politische Furore.

Dschihad & Lebenshilfe online: Propaganda, aber auch neue Vielfalt: Zu den Kommunikationsstrategien von Islamisten im Internet.

Symbolischer Antiterrorerfolg in UK: Tube bomb suspect held by police. Suspected Tube bomber Yasin Hassan Omar is being questioned after a dawn raid in Birmingham.

"Al-Dschasira" für Lateinamerika: 'Chavez TV' beams into South America. Painful birth for new station in war of words with Washington