Die "böse Ideologie": nur ein neues Phantom?

--- Adam Curtis, der mit seiner kritischen Serie zum Anti-Terrorkrieg "The Power of Nightmares" im vergangenen Jahr für Aufsehen sorgte, setzt sich nun mit der Parole der britischen Regierung zum Kampf gegen die "böse Ideologie" auseinander:
The Power of Nightmares said bluntly that this was a fantasy. The real threat came not from a network, but from individuals and groups linked only by an idea. Our energies were going into fighting a phantom enemy. We were looking for a network that didn't exist when we should have been dealing with an idea that does. The evidence we have of what lies behind the London bombings confirms that this was the real nature of the threat. It is fascinating to see how suddenly all the terror "experts" have changed their tune. For three years they told us breathlessly about a terrifying global network. Now, suddenly, it has gone away and been replaced by "an evil ideology" that inspires young, angry Muslim males in our own society. It is good that we now all agree on the nature of the threat, but there remains a danger that the "idea" will be simplified, exaggerated and distorted just as the "network" was, and that in this mood of fear the government will bring in policies that will alienate young Muslims further and drive them towards dangerous extremism. ... There are worrying signs that journalists are confusing the murderous beliefs of a genuinely destructive minority with the political ideas of a much wider movement. By lumping Islamism into a frightening, violent, anti-western movement led by the "preachers of hate", they risk exaggerating and distorting the threat yet again. The real danger is that, by suppressing Islamism, we will make its ideas more attractive to already marginalised young men. In the process we may inadvertently drive them further towards the extreme militant wings of the movement, and prove yet again the old adage that the real threat to democracy from terrorism is not the action but the reaction.
Und sonst: Jetzt dürfen (oder müssen) also auch eine Handvoll Redakteure der Süddeutschen Zeitung bloggen. Jede gestandene Zeitung braucht dieser Tage anscheinend ein Weblog. Kräftig angegriffen werden sie gleich mal von Don Alphonso, aber noch wird tapfer, wenn auch etwas laut, zurückgeschossen.

Der Krieg der Republikaner gegen die Wissenschaft: Rezension des entsprechenden Buches bei Wired News: 'Swift Boating' Science . Chris Mooney skillfully uncovers the Bush era's institutionalization of spinning, distorting and ignoring science in The Republican War on Science.

SPD noch wählbar? Die Stunde null der SPD. Es ist die letzte Chance: Am Mittwoch wird der Kanzler versuchen, seine Genossen mitzureißen und neuen Kampfesmut zu wecken. Doch in der Partei glaubt kaum jemand an eine Wende - die SPD hat sich praktisch aufgegeben.

Irak vor neuen schweren Auseinandersetzungen aufgrund der neuen Verfassung: Iraq Battle Moving Toward Ballot Box. After battling over Iraq's draft constitution for months in the halls of government, Iraq's Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds prepared Monday to take their fight to the streets, mosques and airwaves ahead of a nationwide referendum on the document.

Der zensierte Krieg: The Photos Washington Doesn't Want You To See. The grim reality of Iraq rarely appears in the American press. A photo gallery reveals the war's horrible human toll.

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