Bushs Ex-Spindoktor Rove intrigiert aus Schweden gegen Wikileaks

--- Da findet sich mal wieder zusammen, was (nicht) zusammengehört: Bushs ehemaliger Spindoktor Karl Rove berät mittlerweile den schwedischen Ministerpräsidenten Fredrik Reinfeldt und hilft so laut Huffington Post über diese Schiene auch der Obama-Regierung im Kampf gegen die Enthüllungsblattform Wikileaks bzw. ihren Vorsprecher Julian Assange:
Rove has advised Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt for the past two years after resigning as Bush White House political advisor in mid-2007. Rove's resignation followed the scandalous Bush mid-term political purge of nine of the nation's 93 powerful U.S. attorneys. These days, Sweden and the United States are apparently undertaking a political prosecution as audacious and important as those by the notorious "loyal Bushies" earlier this decade against U.S. Democrats. The U.S. prosecution of WikiLeaks, if successful, could criminalize many kinds of investigative news reporting about government affairs, not just the WikiLeaks disclosures that are embarrassing Sweden as well as the Bush and Obama administrations. Authorities in both countries are setting the stage with pre-indictment sex and spy smears against WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange, plus an Interpol manhunt. "This all has Karl's signature," a reliable political source told me a week and a half ago in encouraging our Justice Integrity Project to investigate Rove's Swedish connection. "He must be very happy. He's right back in the middle of it. He's making himself valuable to his new friends, seeing the U.S. government doing just what he'd like ─ and screwing his opponents big-time."

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